Pokémon Go For The Win

Pokémon Go is a free android game that can be downloaded from Google play store while connected to an internet. it allows a person to capture Pokémon in an augmented edition of real world.

Unlike many games, Pokémon Go utilizes Smartphone GPS system and the installed maps in the game which enables a person to navigate around the street catching Pokémon as they appear. There are poke stops and Pokémon gyms where a person can collect free items and compete with other players respectively.

Pokémon Go hacks uses mapping technology, GPS and the Smartphone’s camera in order to modify the real world as viewed through the screen. There is no time limit for the game and a person is required to seize all of the Pokémon Go creatures’. However, there is no consequence of failing to catch them.

The major category of creatures hunted is pocket monsters. The creatures are of 151 different types and the player is required to check in his/her Smartphone on the location of the nearest Pokémon. After identification, a poke ball is hurled in that direction and with a little luck, the creature can be seized.

Pokémon Go

Despite many adults playing the game, it stills remains to be a game for kids and was designed to assist children discern the world around them. Though the graphics are hundred times better than original games released on Gameboy 20 years ago, the human characters are still insipid and less advanced as compared to animated series.

While playing the game, a lot of data and battery power are consumed and a person is supposed to make appropriate plan for power and data before exiting from a Wi-Fi range. As a precaution, people are advised not to play the game while driving as they can cause accidents. Furthermore, some adults are utilizing the app to prey on young children.

Boom Beach Review

With the bang of the internet came a whole new way to do nearly everything, and that included gaming. Over the past many years, internet gaming has become more prevelant, with the games getting better, and even cheaper each time. Over the past five years or so, people have begun to see the release of high quality games, that are completely free to play.

Boom Beach Availability

These games are often called freemium games, which is a combined word for free premium. One of such games is Boom Beach, which was released by Supercell during a soft launch in Canada in 2013, the game was widely released in March 2014. Since it’s release, it has become one of the most played games available for Android and IOS operating systems. At the game’s launch, it has been in the top 10 games in 22 countries.

Boom Beach is a stragedy game that takes place in the land of Archipelago. The game combines user attacks as well as attacks computer bases. In the game, you play with your troops to defend your base, as well as other stragedies included. The player has the option to build their base, buildings, all while unlocking upgrades for nearly every part of the gameplay. In Boom Beach, each player has the option to play in solo mode or multi-player mode.

The main objective of the game is to defend your base while attacking others. Players can also team up with others to create task forces, and gather intel, while advancing in the game. Each player can also collect and use various items throughout the game, which can be used for furthur advancement. Such items can be used to buy a variety of different things, such as boosts for the players forces an troops.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach Resources

These items, such as gold, wood, diamonds and more can be used as currency, which can be obtained through completing missions and other achievements. However, the quickest and easiest way to obtain this “currency” would be to buy them using real world money. Boom Beach combines stragedy with a war like flair to create an optimum gameplay experience, somewhat similar to the other popular game “Clash of Clans.” Boom Beach guarantees hours of gameplay with an everchanging experience, depending on the mode and stragedies used.

It has become one of the more widely known and played freemium games available, and for a good reasons. Boom Beach can be played in a variety of different ways, creating a unique gameplay experience.

With so many quality games available for free download and play, it can be rather hard for a game to stand out among the crowd and get the attention it deserves. Boom Beach cheats has managed to do this, and at a rather fast pace. This game is unque, and provides a rich gaming experince for little to no cost.

Boom Beach is more than you would expect from a free, downloadable game, and because of that, people have taken notice. If you would like a game that puts you in control, while also making the gameplay challenging enough and fun enough to play regularly, then Boom Beach is the choice for you. Are you ready to build your base and become a champion of Archipelago? Find out today by downloading Boom Beach.

Clash of Clans Review

What is Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is strategical war game where your village is under attack by an enemy known as the “goblin hoarde”. In the beginning of the game, you are directed to set up a cannon before the goblin hoarde comes in order to protect your village. Initially, you defeat the goblin hoarde and are taken to the goblin camp to try to take them out.

A hefty reward follows your victory. After claiming victory, it’s easy to understand the gist of the game. You build your defense and offense to deflect the goblin hoarde’s attacks and conquer your own attacks on their camp.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Resources

The next question is how exactly can you conquer the attacks? What do you need to make your village stronger? How can you level up in the game? Well, you will find many of these answers in the shop which is located at the bottom left of the screen. In the shop, you’re able to make purchases by using gold coins, treasure gems, and elixir.

If you are running low on any of these sources, you’re also able to purchase them in the shop or use Clash of Clans cheats van Clash-of-Clans-Hack.nl. Also in the shop, you can buy resources such as storage, decorations such as flowers and flags, upgrades for your army including barracks to be able to train your troops, magic weapon creations, and defenses such as bombs and shields. Many of these purchases require you to achieve different levels.

Training your Clash of Clans hack download troops is a requirement before setting off any other attacks. At first, you’re able to train up to 20 troops. As you level up, this number increases. You must have enough elixir in order to train the maximum number of troops. For example, in level one, each soldier trained costs 20 elixir. If you train all 20 of your soldiers, you’ll need 400 elixir to accomplish that. Elixir, like gold coins, can either be bought in the shop or collected from your village.

On the top left of the CoC screen, you’ll see a trophy icon. This icon signifies which league you’re a part of. Leagues tell you how far you’ve come and how far you’ve yet to go in the game. You need a certain amount of trophies to be a part of each league. Leagues are as follows:

  • Bronze (400 trophies)
  • Silver (800 trophies)
  • Gold (1400 trophies)
  • Crystal (2000 trophies)
  • Master (2600 trophies)
  • Champion (3200 trophies)

In order to win trophies, you must win battles in multi-player mode. You also win trophies for successfully fending off attacks. If you’re part of a league, you’ll get a hefty bonus for each victory. However, if you fail to successfully ward off an attack or you lose an initiated attack, you will lose trophies. While in Clash of Clans multi-player mode, you can also join clans in order to get more help with building up your troops.

Your Clash of Clans cheats sur CoCAstuces.fr player profile will show you your trophies, goals, achievements, and number of donated and received troops (multi-player mode). Goals include upgrading buildings, joining leagues, stealing resources through battles, winning multi-player battles and more.

Hay Day Review

Farming might not be as popular as it once was in the past but when people play the game Hay Day, people might change their mind. Hay Day is a fun, entertaining and engrossing game by developers Supercell.

The game debuted in June of 2013. Since that time it has become the fourth highest revenue generating video game since it earns at least $30 million a month. People use a Hay Day hack to save some bucks on resources.

Hay Day Storyline

Uncle Greg is a farm owner. He has a vast field of crops, lots of livestock and connections to local and distant markets for selling his goods. However, Uncle Greg is getting old, tired and wants to move on from the farming business.

He decides to turn the “keys” of the farm over to a younger, stronger and intelligent person. That is (you) the player. Now that the player has control of the farm they must begin to maintain and grow Uncle Greg’s farming empire. This is where the fun begins.


Players must learn how to play the game from following the tutorials which are given by a scarecrow. The scarecrow will teach players the basics of farming such as planting crops, feeding animals and setting up markets. Players will also learn how to obtain updated farming equipment and vehicles to help make their farm to run smoothly.

Eventually, a player will have to learn how to produce their goods at a rapid pace to keep up with orders from customers. They will also be responsible for building a town that will be used to push their products and to support local citizens.

Hay Day Special Features

Game players will be able to decorate their farm in any type of way imaginable. Fulfill orders by overland and overseas shipping. They can establish truck routes or push products through the use of a steamboat.

Roadside farm stands can be set up to generate money as well. Players can even make specialty items for sale such as bacon pies. As players gain more experience their farming land will expand and they will gain more bonuses and special features.

Other specialty shops and venues such diners, grocery stores, spas and cinemas become available to the players once they advance through the levels. Farmers can also own a fishing area, and a train for traveling to neighboring communities. They can pick up visitors whose needs have not been fulfilled.

In-App Purchases

Hay Day

People can play Hay Day for free but they can also buy items, money and other goods to help them pass through the levels. People can turn off the in-app purchase feature after they download the game.

Hay Day Social Features

Hay Day comes with built-in social features that allows players to trade goods with friends on Facebook, chat with each other to make sales and to upgrade their equipment. Users can even use the chat feature to work together to combine their farming empires into huge conglomerate.

More Information about Hay Day

Hay Day is an ever evolving game and players will always have challenges, missions and lots to do when playing. The developers at Supercell help to keep players busy providing them with new machines, pets, animals and updates. This game is free to play.